Student Code of Conduct

If you believe the conduct issue you’ve observed is an emergency, call 911.

About the Student Code of Conduct

The Student Code of Conduct is a statement of the Contra Costa Community College District’s expectations regarding student standards of conduct, both academic and nonacademic. Students are expected to obey all laws and District policies and regulations. Students shall be subject to discipline for violation of these laws, policies, and regulations.

The Importance of Reporting a Student Conduct Violation

Reporting Student Code of Conduct violations assists the College in identifying and discouraging behavior that conflicts with the building of a safe, strong and just community that respects and protects the diverse interests and goals of all members of the college community, and the ability for Contra Costa College to provide the highest-quality learning and working environment for our community.

Report an incident electronically using the Symplicity Advocate Software (Employees Only)

Log in to the CCC Conduct SharePoint site with your full email username ( and InSite password.

For technical assistance on completing the online form, please contact , by email at or by calling 510.215.3960.

Upon submission of your report, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt. After a report is filed, it will be assigned to a conduct officer who will conduct an investigation. The conduct officer will follow up with the reporting party

Students who need to consult with the Dean of Students or submit a report should contact the Dean of Students’ Office at 510.215.3960 or request assistance in reporting from any CCC employee.

Student Code of Conduct

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