Curriculum Instruction Committee (CIC)

CIC Meeting time:

Second and fourth Mondays of the month from 2:15 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. 


The Curriculum Instruction Committee at Contra Costa College is a subcommittee of the Academic Senate.  As such, it has the delegated responsibility to examine and approve all new and revised courses and programs to be offered at CCC.  It also makes recommendations to the Academic Senate on proposals that involve curricular changes and other issues, which bear directly on instruction.

As a subcommittee of the CCC Academic Senate, the Curriculum Instruction Committee (CIC) consists of a faculty representative from each division, classified staff, administrative staff, the Articulation Office, and the Catalog Specialist. The CIC is committed to the promotion and implementation of curriculum standards and policies. To this end, the CIC members will:

  • analyze and approve new course proposals that enhance curriculum
  • make curriculum development decisions based on the departmental and the college goals
  • develop policies concerning curriculum issues
  • participate in training activities to remain current in statewide curriculum standards.

CIC Committee Members:

Rick Ramos
CIC Chair
Irena Stefanova
LA Division Rep
Paul DeBolt
LA Division Rep
Katie Krolikowski
NSAS Division Rep
Mark Wong
NSAS Division Rep
Robert Webster
SS Division Rep
Andrea Phillips
SS Division Rep
Lucile Beatty
LAVA Division Rep
Bobby Sturgeon
LAVA Division Rep
Randy Watkins (Resource Team)
SLO Coordinator
Donna Floyd (Resource Team)
Senior Dean of Instruction
Karen Ruskowski (Resource Team)
Curriculum Specialist