Learning Communities

Contra Costa College Learning Communities foster personal growth and academic success by connecting students with similar interests and cultural backgrounds to each other and faculty.

When you join a Learning Community, you can expect to build relationships with peers and mentors through a variety of activities that may include course work, special events, field trips, and more.

Learning Community Focus Benefits + Activities
Adelante STEM Academy Exposure to and success in STEM related fields Mentorship, guest speakers, field trips
African American Male Leadership African American male experience Guest speakers
Center for Science Excellence Transfer preparation, exposure to and success in STEM related fields Tutoring, special events, field trips, internships
Math Jam Math anxiety and preparedness Tutoring, skill-building workshops
Metas STEM for Pre-K to 12th grade Tutoring, special events, parent support
Per Ankh Transfer preparation, students of African descent Course work, mentoring, cultural field trips
Puente Project Transfer preparation, Latino/multicultural experience Course work, mentoring, cultural field trips