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Maritez Apigo, CCC Distance Education Coordinator:

Resources and Training for Instructors

Maritez Apigo’s Online Teaching Essentials Canvas repository has all of the important information, resources, updates, and training for instructors who teach online at Contra Costa College.

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Distance Education Committee at CCC

Chairperson: Maritez Apigo, Distance Education Coordinator

Voting Members (2021-22):

  • LA Division: Carlos-Manuel Chavarria, Brandon Marshall, Anthony Gordon – Alternates: Erica Watson
  • NSAS Division: Jennifer Ounjian, Monica Landeros, Kristin Lassonde – Alternates: Francis Reyes, Bashir Shah
  • AACE Division: Jessica Le, Michele Redlo, Laura Lozano – Alternates: (none) 
  • SS Division: Dionne Perez, Kelley Cadungug, Sarah Boland – Alternates: (none)

Non-Voting Members (2021-22):

  • Students: Maha Ghafoor, Meghan Yarnold
  • IT Manager/Canvas Administrator: Jaina Eyestone
  • Managers: Sue Abe
  • Classified: Karen Ruskowski
  • Accessibility Specialist: Liesl Boswell

Committee Charge:

  1. To assess Distance Learning at CCC and how it fits with Strategic Directions.
  2. To identify the potential for growth and develop an action plan.
  3. To identify and develop instructional resources and recommend policy for faculty, staff, and students who are engaged in Distance Learning.
  4. To provide faculty development in Distance Learning.
  5. To advise the college on financial resources needed to improve and increase Distance Education at CCC.

Status: standing subcommittee of the Academic Senate, follows Brown Act procedures

Meetings: 2nd Fridays of the month, 10 am – 12 pm