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Sara Marcellino
Student + Administration Building, Room 218
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You have 10,000 reasons to give. Financial support for many of Contra Costa College’s students is critical for them to get through school. Research shows that completing college courses increases employment and learning opportunities as well as fosters safety and economic growth in our local communities, but tuition along with living expenses, textbooks, and transportation can cost students up to $24,000.

We at the Contra Costa College Foundation believe that every person, regardless of resources, should have access to a meaningful education and training at Contra Costa College. That’s why our 501c(3) nonprofit organization has been working since 1967 to increase financial support for CCC students as well as to help ensure the long term stability of Contra Costa College.

We invite you to become our partner today. Your tax-deductible gift provides the flexible funding we need to help make educational excellence possible at Contra Costa College.

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CCC Foundation’s Tax ID number is 94-613-5368.

What Your Dollars Support

The Wrap-Around Fund 

A donation to the Wrap-Around directly supports immediate student needs such as childcare, rent increase, transportation, and groceries. Since its inception in Fall 2017, Wrap-Around funds have assisted over 250 CCC students, provided over $240,000 in aid and successfully kept 86% of recipients in their classes. Together, we can keep students in their classes and break down financial barriers to higher education.


If you choose to donate to a scholarship, you are contributing to students’ tuition. Tuition is a significant financial burden for our students. When you help students pay for their education, you are not only investing in their futures, but also in the betterment of the community. Please visit the list of scholarships if you’re interested in contributing to a scholarship fund. If you would like to create one, please visit How to Make a Donation or Legacy Gift.

Program Innovation and Program Operations Funds

Launched in 2019, the Program Innovation Fund (PIF) and the Program Operations Fund (POF) support projects that benefit students and the College. The goal of the PIF is to support exceptional projects striving for innovative avenues to advance opportunities for students. The POF was designed to fund projects that address programmatic and departmental needs that will support student success. By donating to these funds, you are helping the Foundation fulfill its mission of supporting programs and departments as well as increasing student retention.

Where Need is Greatest

Not sure which program(s) you want to support? Leave it up to the Foundation, and we’ll determine where your gift will have the most significant impact on student success.

Tell Us What You Want to Support

Many of our donors come to us with an idea of what they want to support that doesn’t quite conform to the allocations above. This can include things like funding supplies for a department or sending a student to a competition. If your idea doesn’t fit into an existing bucket, we’d be happy to work with you to determine how to allocate your donation. Please contact us!