Foundation Forms

The foundation uses the following forms.

Please bookmark this page and refer to it for the most up to date forms and information.

Check Request (or Account Disbursement Request / ADR) Form 

Please use this form to request a check from a Foundation Program Account. Please fill out and print form, and attach supporting documentation. Get the form signed by your dean \ Dept Chair then scan and email the document to

All check requests received before 5pm on Fridays will be printed and mailed the following week. Please plan accordingly and vacations / holidays and unforeseen events may delay the process slightly, our apologies in advance.

Check Deposit Form 

Please use this form when making a deposit to a Foundation Program Account. Please fill out and print form and send the associated checks to the DO Foundation Services for deposit.

Cash Deposit Form

As you know the CCC Foundation accepts no cash and cash deposits must be brought to the Cashier’s Office. The Depositor must fill out, sign it and bring to the Cashier’s Office the “CCC Foundation Cash Deposit Form” and the “CCC Cashier Cash Register” form for each cash deposit.

  • The “CCC Foundation Cash Deposit” form  is so that the college will transfer your cash deposit from the college to the CCC Foundation.
  • The “CCC Cashier Deposit” form is a breakdown of the cash you are depositing into the Cashier’s Office.
  • Please make copies of both of these forms for your records.
  • After you make a deposit please scan and email a copy of the CCC Foundation Cash Deposit Form to so that we know to expect a check from the campus and what foundation account it should be deposited into.

Payroll Deduction Form

This form is for faculty and staff – full time and part time – who would like to set up automatic, payroll, tax deductible donations to support the Contra Costa College Foundation. You can select the Contra Costa College Foundation Scholarship or Program Account you want to support and the dollar amount ($1.00 minimum) to be deducted each paycheck. You can set up contributions of any amount to a single or multiple Scholarships or Program Accounts. Complete the fields on the form, let us know what CCCF Account you want your donation to be deposited into and return this form to CCC Campus Payroll