Mission + Vision


Contra Costa College is a public community college serving the diverse communities of West Contra Costa County and all others seeking a quality education, since 1949.  The College equitably commits its resources using inclusive and integrated decision-making processes to foster a transformational educational experience and responsive student services that ensure institutional excellence and effective student learning.​

Additionally, the College adheres to the following goals, vision, beliefs, and values statements:

Strategic Goals

To fulfill its mission and to be consistent with its beliefs and values, Contra Costa College is committed to the following goals:

  • Equitably Improve Student Access, Learning and Success
    • Create opportunities for thoughtful reflection that uses quantitative and qualitative data to improve student outcomes.
  • Strengthen Community Relationships and Partnerships
    • Build pipelines that guide and prepare both K-12 students and the adult population for success in higher education and employment.
  • Promote Innovation, Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement and Enhance Institutional Effectiveness
    • Provide opportunities to enhance institutional effectiveness and opportunities for employees at all levels to continually gain new skills and knowledge, seek out effective practices, and share ideas with one another in order to continually enhance learning and improve student success.
  • Effectively Optimize Resources to Support Student Learning and Success
    • Demonstrate sound judgement to effectively optimize the college’s human, physical, financial and organizational resources to better serve its students and community.


Contra Costa College’s commitment to its mission derives strength and guidance from institutional values. As a community of educators, we value:

COMMITMENT to helping students learn and to improving the economic and social vitality of communities through education;

RESPONSIVENESS to the varied and changing learning needs of those we serve;

DIVERSITY of opinions, ideas and peoples;

FREEDOM to pursue and fulfill educational goals in an environment that is safe and respectful for all students, all faculty, all classified staff, and all managers alike; and

INTEGRITY in all facets of our college interactions and operations.

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes

Support an environment that encourages and enables the members of our community to gain:

  • Critical thinking skills and abilities, including evaluating, analyzing, and applying information;
  • Communication skills using verbal, auditory, written,  numerical, and visual forms;
  • Awareness of themselves, their community, and the world around them, leading to personal responsibility, ethics, and civic engagement.