Campus-Wide Tutoring
Library and Learning Resource Center Room 121
Monday – Thursday
9:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
Friday – Saturday
10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Closed Sundays, holidays + breaks

Tutor Assistance
E-mail questions for tutors to

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Full name
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Contra Costa College offers a variety of tutoring solutions – including drop-in tutoring, booked appointments, online access, and even Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) in select classes – designed to meet students’ needs. Tutoring is provided at a variety of locations and times, and is offered in almost every subject taught on campus.

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL)

Peer-Led Team Learning, or PLTL, is an innovative method that utilizes workshops to enhance course material.  In courses tied to PLTL, Peer Leaders hold 1-2 workshops per week. More than simple review or help with homework, these workshops are designed to work in tandem with the course, providing students with the opportunity to deepen their conceptual knowledge of a subject and develop a better understanding of the material.

Booked Appointments

Students may book appointments with tutors throughout the semester by visiting the front desk in Library and Learning Resource Center, Room 121.

  1. Students may book up to six (6) appointments per semester.
  2. Students who fail to show up for two (2) booked appointments in a semester will not be able to book further appointments.
  3. Single appointments can be booked for one (1) hour; group appointments can be booked for up to two (2) hours.
  4. Appointments must be made at least 48 business hours in advance.
  5. Appointments are subject to approval and tutor availability. While we will make every effort to match you with a tutor, appointments are not guaranteed.

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring is available through Canvas for ENGL-875N and MATH-875N tutoring courses. You must be registered to access the course. Sign in through the Insite Portal.