Guided Pathways

What is Guided Pathways?

Guided Pathways is an effort to transform how we do business college-wide. In a nutshell, it is a shift toward a more student-oriented and equity-minded approach in all college offerings. The ultimate goal of Guided Pathways is to create a system in which all students are better able to achieve their education and career aspirations.

A Guided Pathway is a tool designed to help students explore careers, choose a major, and develop a s­­equenced plan based on maps created by faculty and advisors. This approach simplifies student decision-making which helps them achieve their goals faster.

Why is Guided Pathways needed at CCC?

Guided Pathways will help us meet students where they are, help them establish goals and provide them with a more direct path to their chosen finish line.

California community colleges, originally created to increase access to public higher education at a lower costs than four-year institutions, and their ‘cafeteria’ model of programs and services have become too complex for many students to navigate. As a result, a high percentage of students take more classes than needed, aren’t as successful in those classes as they could be, and, if they do complete a degree or certificate, it often takes much longer than necessary.

As we look at how students move through our institution, all areas of the college will have the opportunity to reflect on how programs and services set up, whether they actually work for students, and/or what inefficiencies or barriers could be improved.

How will Guided Pathways be developed and implemented?

Following in CCC’s tradition of inclusivity and shared governance, a cross-constituency workgroup structure has been created. Groups are led by tri-chairs: one classified staff member, one faculty member and one manager. The purpose and value of this structure is that the perspective and expertise­­ of a broad cross-section of voices are at the table.

While Guided Pathways is a statewide call to action for all 114 California community colleges, it is not a “one-size-fits-all” mandate. The enormity and diversity of the California Community Colleges system requires that each college take a customized, self-guided approach.

Guided Pathways is an opportunity for our college to set our own goals and determine our best path to success. Colleges across the state are hard at work doing the same and all are at different stages of progression.

CCC will develop a framework that is uniquely suited to our campus and our students. That being the case, co-creation and iteration are key components of the ‘how’. This means we will take a collaborative approach to develop a structure based on campus-wide input, ongoing evaluation, and continuous improvement.

Who will be involved in the development of Guided Pathways at CCC?

You! All CCC students, faculty and staff are needed to help co-create our Guided Pathways-informed campus.

We’re just getting started, but we know that there are and will be a wide range of ways to be involved over the next few years.

We are currently recruiting members for the Guided Pathways workgroups. If you are interested in participating, please complete our interest form.

When will Guided Pathways start?

The Guided Pathways workgroup structure kicked off in fall 2018. The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office estimates a timeline of up to five years for full implementation at each college.