Disability Services

It’s important to us that disabled students are able to fully benefit from, and participate in, the college experience.

Disabled Students’ Programs and Services (DSPS) at Contra Costa College exist to provide support services, specialized instruction, and educational accommodations to students with disabilities.

Eligible accommodations are determined by students and counselors/LD specialists and are based on individual student needs. Verification of disability must be on file to determine eligibility. Learn more about eligibility.

What is an Academic Adjustment?

An Academic Adjustment, otherwise knows as an accommodation, is an adjustment to the way a student receives, retains or demonstrates knowledge to allow him or her equal access to education. Accommodations are prescribed based on the educational limitations or barriers that are directly caused by the disability, diagnosis or medical condition. Accommodations cannot fundamentally change academic requirements for degrees, certificates, programs, courses or assignments.

Accommodations and other services vary semester to semester depending on the institutional requirements of the class or classes and must be requested each and every semester. Accommodations must be approved by a DSPS Counselor, Supervisor or Learning Disabilities Specialist.

Early requests for testing and other accommodations are appreciated and recommended especially during finals week. Late requests for accommodations may result in delays due to availability.

Specific Services

  • Priority registration
  • Registration assistance
  • Referral to support services
  • Academic, and vocational counseling
  • Educational planning
  • Sign language interpreter
  • Note-taker services
  • Alternate media
  • Equipment loans
  • CCTV’s available on campus
  • Testing accommodations
  • Adaptive computer technology
  • Mobility assistance
  • Wireless microphone transmitter
  • Specialized instruction
  • Testing for LD eligibility (via classes or tutoring)

Get Started with DSPS

The first step for any student new to Disabled Students Programs and Services (DSPS) at the Contra Costa College is to schedule and attend a new student intake orientation meeting. During this orientation our welcoming counseling staff will discuss your individual needs, review all the relevant support services, explain DSPS policies and procedures and any other information we need to better assist you in achieving your educational goals. These intake appointments are open to incoming students who are new to CCC, continuing students who are not yet receiving services from DSPS as well as individuals who are considering enrolling at CCC.

Contact us to make your appointment today.

When making your appointment, please indicate if you will need accommodations during the appointment such as a reader, writer or an interpreter for the deaf.

Additionally, if you have a written verification of disability or you have an Individual Education Plan (IEP) from high school, not over three years old, please bring it to your first appointment.


All the services offered by the Disabled Students’ Programs and Services department at Contra Costa College, including the Learning Specialist Program, are confidential. Student records and test results will be released only with the student’s written permission.