Operations Committee

(Subcommittee of College Council)


1. To raise issues and take immediate action on problems pertaining to the daily operations or routine operations of the college, its instructional and service programs/units

2. To recommend to College Council proposals regarding non-routine operational matters; proposals regarding planning and evaluation activities

3. To recommend updates to College Procedures Handbook

4. To make recommendations for the prioritization of maintenance and upgrade of existing facilities


Participatory (Shared) governance subcommittee of the College Council

Meeting Time

Second Wednesday of the month or as posted on college website.


Two Classified, two Manager, two Faculty, up to two students

Ex Officio: Manager of Custodial Services, Police Lieutenant, Dean of Student Services, Manager of Buildings and Grounds, Manager of Technology Services, Marketing Manager


50% of filled voting seats plus one voting member


Vice President of Business and Administrative Services

Current Members

Kevin G. Ruano Hernandez

Victoria Menzies (chair)

Jaina Eyestone

Bruce King

Sara Marcellino

George Mills

William Tangdonfor

Larry Womack

Brian Williams

Alex Stern

Carlos Manuel Chavarria

Elaine Gerber Gabriela Segade


Minutes & Agendas

Minutes are recorded of issues and actions and are distributed to the members and public via the College Website and forwarded to the College Council.

Minutes and agendas of all subcommittees of the Operations Committee may be found at the links below:

Sustainability Subcommittee

Safety and Security Subcommittee

Technology/Instructional Technology Subcommittee