College Council

College Council is the highest governing body for Contra Costa College. Decisions made by the Budget, Operations, Planning and Student Success committees are forwarded to College Council for review and final approval.


  1. To approve the annual college’s plans, goals and objectives.
  2. To review the college philosophy/mission goals.
  3. To decide the process for resource allocation.
  4. To decide policies and procedures that impact all constituent groups.
  5. To ensure that accreditation standards and recommendations are addressed.
  6. To foster improved communication among constituent groups.
  7. To review the college’s evaluation measures.


Second Thursday of the month, from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Fireside Hall or Zoom

*Voting members must meet in-person for quorum*


René Sporer (chair), Management

Rod Santos, Management

Evan Decker, Management

Larry Womack, Management

Mayra Padilla, Management

Stephanie Figueroa, Classified Professional

Carla Matute, Classified Professional

Stephanie Austin, Faculty

Gabriela Segade, Faculty

Romus Reece, Faculty

Randy Watkins, Faculty

Sudinma Thapa, Student


Agenda and minutes starting Fall 2023 are in Board Docs

Minutes and Agendas prior to Fall 2023 are linked below

Minutes & Agendas