Student Success Committee

Purpose and Scope

1) To provide governance oversight for student success initiatives across the college in order to maximize positive impact for students by a) strategically integrating institution-wide initiatives; b) ensuring alignment with the college’s values, mission, and commitment to inclusion and equity; c) ensuring that efforts are customized to meet the needs of CCC’s diverse student population.

2)  To provide a forum for the ongoing review and discussion of student success data to a) help shape a comprehensive, institution-wide strategy for the advancement of student success and systemic equity at CCC, and b) promote greater responsiveness to community needs in alignment with the college’s overarching vision and mission.

3)  To actively advance a student-centered culture by regularly evaluating the impact of institutional efforts to improve student success and making recommendations for continuous improvement.

4)  Based on an analysis of student outcome data, to make recommendations to college governance committees regarding student success and equity priorities. When appropriate, provide suggestions for how these priorities might be incorporated into unit plans in order to improve student outcomes while simultaneously meeting state mandates.

5)  To liaise with Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Professional Development, Student Services, Council of Chairs, and other relevant groups on campus in order to recommend the incorporation of equity- minded practices and frameworks into classroom pedagogy and services provided to students.

6)  To make recommendations to College Council for the approval of all college plans related to student success and the college’s equity agenda.

Meeting Time

First Thursday of the month, from 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m., or as posted on college website.


Quorum of four constituent groups (two administrators, two faculty, two classified professionals and two students)


50% of filled voting seats plus one voting member


One Student Co-Chair each year, one rotating co-chair in the following repeating order: administrator (2020-2021), faculty (2021-2022), classified professional (2022-2023)

Current Members

Kate Weinstein (co-chair)

Justine Nino (co-chair)

Rod Santos

Monica Rodriguez

Carla Matute

Brianne Ayala

Brandon Marshall

Jon Celesia (alternate)

Monique Hernandez (non-voting)

Charles Ramirez (non-voting)

Joel Nickelson-Shanks (non-voting)

Rene Sporer (non-voting)

Kenyetta Tribble (non-voting)

George Mills (non-voting)

Rebecca Clayton (non-voting)

Gabriela Segade (non-voting)

Andrea Phillips (non-voting)

Harnoor Singh (non-voting)

Diego Ortega (non-voting)

Luis Rojo Ozuna (non-voting)


Minutes & Agendas

Minutes are recorded of issues and actions and are distributed to the members and public via the College Website and forwarded to the College Council.

Minutes and agendas of all subcommittees of the Student Success Committee may be found at the links below:

SLO-AUO Subcommittee

Basic Skills Subcommittee

Professional Development Subcommittee