SLO/AUO Committee

(Subcommittee of Student Success Committee)


1) Create and monitor processes for the creation, implementation, and assessment of learning outcomes.

2) Evaluate and improve the SLO/AUO processes and implementation strategies to foster compliance.

3) Provide professional development about learning outcomes.

4) Create culture of continuous improvement utilizing learning outcomes to improve student success.

5) Provide analysis of college-wide learning outcome assessment results and communication of global trends to improve student success.

Meeting Time

1st Thursday of the month, 2:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m, or as noted on the college website.


4 Faculty (including chair), 2 Managers, 2 Classified, and 2 Students


50% of filled voting seats + one (i.e., six if all voting seats are filled)

Current Members

Brandy Gibson

Cile Beatty

Ellen Coatney

Trung Nguyen

Kathleen Donlan

Tish Young

Chair: SLO/AUO Coordinator(s)

Current Chairs

Brandy Gibson

Cile Beatty

Current Minute-Taker

Brandy Gibson



Agendas and minutes

Minutes are recorded and distributed to members. Issues and actions are forwarded to the Student Success and Planning Committees.