Open Educational Resources (OER) and Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Committee


1. To assess OER and ZTC at CCC and how it fits with Strategic Directions.
2. To identify strategies for growth and develop an action plan.
3. To develop ZTC pathways at CCC.
4. To recommend policy for managers, faculty, staff, and students related to OER and ZTC.
5. To identify existing OER and provide faculty support in creating ZTC courses, including OER adoption, adaptation, and authorship; copyright compliance and fair use; accessibility.
6. To advise the college on financial resources needed to improve and increase OER and ZTC at CCC.

Relationship to campus governance or leadership: standing subcommittee of Academic Senate

Status: As a subcommittee of the Academic Senate, Brown Act procedures are followed.

Composition: Voting members (all faculty): 2 faculty per division with 2 alternates, plus 1 librarian

Non-voting/Ex officio members: 1 classified, 2 students, 1 manager

Because this is a Brown Act committee, only voting members who are physically present on-campus at the meeting can vote, or you can be in a publicly accessible place with a public address.

Chair: OER Coordinator

Quorum: 50% filled voting seats + one voting member.

Voting/decision-making procedure: Majority vote of all voting members attending the meeting.

Current members: 

Chair – OER Coordinator: Maritez Apigo
OER Librarian 1: Lori Brown
NSAS Faculty 1: Terrill Mead
NSAS Faculty 2: Bashir Shah
NSAS Alternate Faculty: 
NSAS Alternate Faculty: 
LA Faculty 1: Nooshi Borhan
LA Faculty 2: Brandon Marshall
LA Alternate Faculty: Kathleen Donlan
LA Alternate Faculty: Maricela Ramirez
AACE Faculty 1: Jacki Lindblom
AACE Faculty 2: Mary Hernandez
AACE Alternate Faculty:
AACE Alternate Faculty:
SSD Faculty 1: 
SSD Faculty 2:
SSD Alternate Faculty:
SSD Alternate Faculty:
Student 1: Meaghan Yarnold  
Student 2: Lhakpa Lama 
Student 3: Madison Tam
Classified 1: Luanna Waters, Shraddha Luitel
Manager 1: Jason Berner
Note-taker: Shraddha Luitel

Meeting times: First Tuesdays 2-4pm

Agendas and Minutes