The Field

When you hear the term culinary arts, you probably think about cooking. And, of course, things like cooking styles, food safety and how to safely handle kitchen equipment are a big part of it.

But there’s so much more to a culinary career than that. It’s presentation and customer service. It’s event planning and promotion. It’s business management and development. It’s everything related to food in the hospitality industry.

The Outlook

Most culinary professionals work in restaurants and catering operations. But hotels, cruise ships, hospitals, event planners, homeless shelters, schools and private individuals also often hire people to run their kitchens and dining rooms.

For more information about jobs in the culinary industry, like how many are available and how much they typically pay, check out the Cooks, Chefs and Head Cooks and Food Service Managers pages of our online Career Coach.

But, to get those jobs, you’ll need the right mix of knowledge and experience. That’s where we come in.

Our Program

At CCC, you’ll learn the ins and outs of many different cuisines and styles hands-on in our amazing facilities. Our kitchen is new, beautiful and equipped with everything you’ll come across in a modern restaurant. Our teaching restaurant, Aqua Terra Grill, is an upscale, fine-dining experience lauded by the community. And our takeout counter Pronto is a popular destination for students looking for something tasty on-the-go.

Or would you rather be learning in Italy? Each year, a group of our students embark on a study abroad trip, to visit culinary schools and learn from instructors there. Maybe that could be you.

We even cater and host many special events, so that you can get a solid background in that area, too.

These aren’t merely  cool experiences to expand your palate—they also broaden your skillset and put you in the running for a lot more jobs.

Because, at CCC, you won’t just become a top-notch chef, line cook, prep cook or steward. You’ll master all the skills you need to be successful in a commercial kitchen, like balancing your budget, planning major events and communicating effectively with your teammates.

It’s an incredible experience, sure. But it’s also a faster and far more thorough education than you’d get from simply working in a restaurant or taking cooking courses.

We even have a dedicated board of professional advisors, representing a wide range of employers, from local favorites to prestigious institutions like the Claremont Hotel & Spa, to make sure we stay current and industry-relevant.

And if, like many of our students, you are already working in a restaurant or other job, our co-op program will allow you to earn college credit for working. Our school day even ends early, so you can still make it to work in the evening.

So why not check out the program, see if we can help you pay for college or even get the ball rolling and apply now?