Department Co-Chairs
Stephanie Austin
Music, Room 102

The Music Department offers comprehensive academic program featuring both traditional and technical training. The department is dedicated to student learning through performance, cognitive understanding and skill acquisition. Music courses fulfill AA/AS degree, transfer, and certificate requirements.

Some possible careers:

Performer, songwriter, music therapist, choral director, arranger, accompanist, cue selector, composer, prompter, orchestrator, singer, conductor, copyist, music historian, teacher.

Program Student Learning Outcome statement:

Students who complete the program will:

  • Be able to demonstrate the ability to read music by playing the written notation on their major instrument.
  • Be able to demonstrate a basic familiarity with music theory.
  • Possess the ability to express personal responses to aural listening, verbally, intellectually, and intuitively.
  • Possess the ability to make valid assessments of quality of expression in music.
  • Possess the ability to understand and evaluate contemporary thinking about music.