Anthony Gordon
Art, Room 3

The Field

Digital filmmakers create the videos that entertain and inform us all. They write the material, plan the production process, record the audio and video, then edit it all into something that viewers can understand and appreciate.

Some work at desks writing scripts. Others work in studios or on location, building sets, lighting scenes, running cameras or recording audio. Still others work in editing bays or other pre- or post-production facilities. All of that work goes into images we see every day.

The Outlook

Films, television programs, informational videos, newscasts, sporting events and many other kinds of productions need qualified, talented people to make them. Even smaller events like weddings are often documented by professional videographers. But it takes directors, cinematographers, camera operators, writers, storyboard artists, editors and countless others to bring major projects to life.

Most of these people work in entertainment hubs, like New York and Los Angeles. But thanks to the rise of streaming, more video content than ever is being produced in other places, as well. Today, it isn’t uncommon for major businesses to hire video production teams to meet their day-to-day needs in-house.

If you want to know more information about entry-level positions in digital film production, like how much Camera Operators and Editors earn and how many jobs are available in the area, check out our online Career Coach.

Our Program

You can bring your dreams to the screen right here at Contra Costa College.

In CCC’s digital film production program, you’ll plan, format and write your own treatments, scripts and screenplays. You’ll learn how to operate film production equipment by actually using it, hands-on. You’ll edit films with Adobe Premiere. You’ll create motion graphics, 3-D CG models and other visual effects with post-production programs like After Effects, Speed Grade, Encore and Media Encoder. You’ll even direct and produce a short narrative film, managing it through every step of planning and production.

Whether you’re looking for the confidence and experience to shoot your own videos or planning to transfer to a four-year school to study film, we’ve got you.

So why not check out the program, see if we can help you pay for college or even get the ball rolling and apply now?