Orientation is designed to provide students with a wealth of information on Contra Costa College programs, classes, support services, and academic policies that will assist students in setting up a path to success.

It usually takes 30 minutes to an hour to complete, and it must be completed in one sitting (if you stop before finishing you will have to start over).  The orientation consists of several modules and students must complete a short multiple choice quiz after each section. Upon completion of all modules students must complete a short answer quiz.

Completion of the online orientation will complete one of the three steps (placement, orientation, and educational planning) needed to give you an earlier registration date ensuring you get the classes you need when you need them.

Start Your Orientation   Comienza la Orientación
Requires/requiere InSite Portal login.

Within 24 hours, students who complete the online orientation will be assigned an earlier registration date for the upcoming term. You can view your registration date for the upcoming term(s) by logging into the InSite Portal.