Educational Planning

If you’re new to Contra Costa College, you will definitely want to take Counseling or ESL 108, or meet with a counselor to build your educational plan. (ESL 108 is like Counseling 108, but designed for students who speak English as their second language.)

Your educational plan is a step-by-step guide, created with the help of a counselor, that will tell you what courses you need to take, what order you need to take them in, and how soon you’ll be able to reach your goals. It will really help you manage your time and expenses.

It is also a requirement to qualify for priority registration.

If you take Counseling or ESL 108, you will earn course credit for doing it. It only takes one afternoon (unless you do it online,) and will teach you how to:

  • Choose classes
  • Understand your costs and apply for financial aid
  • Find and take advantage of the programs and support services around campus
  • Use the catalog and schedule effectively
  • Know the difference between certificates of achievement, associate degrees, and transfer tracts

You can also build an educational plan by making an appointment with a counselor, but you won’t get any course credit for that. You will still have an educational plan, however, and have completed that requirement to qualify for priority registration and other programs.

To register, log in to Insite. On the searchable schedule, search for Contra Costa College and look for COUNS-108 under courses.

And, be sure to complete your math and English placements before the class meets! You’ll need those to build your educational plan.