Make the most of your first year of college! In the First Year Experience, you’ll get your very own dedicated support team and activities to help you start and stay on track to achieve your dreams of transferring to a four-year college or university.

Success Team

  • Educational Coach – Get the support you need every step of your way toward success—guidance, tutoring and much more.
  • Academic Counselor – Will help you create an educational plan so that you know the right classes to take.


  • Learning Communities – Find your home amongst students and faculty who share similar interests.
  • Student Clubs – Make new friends, explore your interests and develop new skills.
  • Welcome Day – Workshop to help you transition to college.


First SemesterSecond SemesterSummer
Counseling 120 – Managing College Success + Life Transitions  (Required / 3 units)Counseling 130 – Career + Major Exploration (Required/1.5 units)


Counseling 140 – Job Search Strategies (Required 1.5 units)

Counseling 103B – Ensuring Transfer Success (Recommended/1.5 units)

Application, Eligibility + Participation Requirements