Sherry Diestler
Applied Arts, Room 113B

Speech is a social science that views communicative behavior as central to human activity: to individual development, to interpersonal relationships, and to the functioning of political, economic, cultural, and social institutions. An AA degree in Speech will equip students with a solid understanding of communication theories, decision-making strategies, and practical application of communication activities in a variety of environments. The Associate Degree with a major in Speech will provide students interested in pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication or Communication Studies with the lower-division coursework required at many four year colleges and universities.

Some possible careers:

The program prepares students for programs of study in Mass Communication or Communication Studies. Mass Communication prepares students for professions in public relations, broadcasting, the performing arts, marketing, promotions, sales, and management. Additional careers in fields related to Communication Studies include law, tour guide, political campaign worker, teacher, customer service worker, human resources, public and international relations specialist, negotiator/arbitrator, nursing and related health field careers.