Registration Policies

 Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

You can receive credit toward undergraduate degrees for successful completion of select Advanced Placement (AP) tests.

Official scores must be sent to the Admissions & Records Office. Credit may not be earned at Contra Costa College for courses taken in which AP credit has been granted.

In order to receive AP credit you must complete the following:

  • You must be currently enrolled at Contra Costa College.
  • You must have your official scores sent to the Admissions & Records Office.


  • You may not use units of AP credit to satisfy financial aid, veterans or EOPS eligibility criteria.
  • You may not use units of AP credit to satisfy the college’s residency requirement.

Corequisites + Prerequisites

Learn more about our corequisite, prerequisite and challenges policies.

Repeating Courses

Students may repeat courses in which they have received a substandard grade (up to two repeats are allowed), or when one of the following apply:

  • Variable unit classes may be repeated up to the number of times it takes to complete the entire course sequence one time.
  • Legally mandated training requirement.
  • Significant change in industry or licensure standards.
  • A program or course has a recency requirement.
  • Extenuating circumstances, which are verified cases of accident, illness, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student.

To repeat a class you must complete a Petition for Course Repetition and submit to Admissions & Records before your registration date.  For more information, please check the catalog.

Special Admissions (Students currently enrolled in K-12)

Students currently enrolled in high school are eligible to enroll in college courses with the permission of their high school principal.

Enrollment as a special admit student is done in person.  Students complete the Special Admit Form with the help of their parents and school counselor and then enroll on their scheduled registration date.

PE courses are restricted in the number of special admit students they allow.  For more information about special admissions, please contact the Admissions & Records Office at 510-215-6027.