Prerequisites + Challenges

Many courses at Contra Costa College have prerequisites. In cases where a prerequisite is required, you must have completed certain coursework or possess certain knowledge or skill before you will be allowed to enroll in the class. You will be blocked from enrolling in classes until either

  • you complete the prerequisite;
  • the prerequisite is waived; or
  • you successfully challenge the prerequisite.

A co-requisite is a class that must be taken at the same time as a class with the co-requisite requirement. Generally it means that related material is taught in both classes, necessitating they be taken together.

Request for Waiver of Prerequisite

If you have already completed the prerequisite or an equivalent at another institution, you can request that it be cleared so you can access the online registration system. Submit a Prerequisite Verification Challenge to the Admissions & Records Office and complete “PART A”.

Attach supporting documentation. Documentations may take the form of:

  1. official or unofficial transcripts
  2. report cards with final grades
  3. letter from instructor/school on official letterhead stating the course was completed with final grade.

These documents must include your name and the name of the school.  You must attach a copy of your documentation to this form even if you have already submitted official transcripts to A&R in the past.  All coursework being used to satisfy a prerequisite must be completed with a “C” grade or better.

Submit the completed form to the Admissions & Records Office, Student Services Center, Room 115.

Challenging a Prerequisite or Co-requisite

Prerequisites may be challenged on one or more of the grounds listed below:

Challenges for the following reasons are reviewed by the division dean who has final approval:

  •  The prerequisite has not been established in accordance with the district’s process for establishing prerequisites;
  • The prerequisite is either unlawfully discriminatory or is being applied in an unlawfully discriminatory manner;
  • The student has the knowledge or ability to succeed in the course or program despite not meeting the prerequisite; or
  • The student will be subject to undue delay in attaining the goal of his or her educational plan because the prerequisite course has not been made reasonably available.

Prerequisite Challenges will only be accepted in the admissions office on or after your priority registration dates for the upcoming term.  Prior to your priority registration date the Prerequisite Challenge request will not be accepted. The Challenge process must be initiated in-person.

Note: Incomplete forms will not be processed.  Please ensure all supporting documentation is attached.  All follow-up correspondence will be emailed to your InSite email address.

While the Challenge is Pending

The Admissions & Records Office will tentatively enroll you in the course to hold your seat during the 5 business day review period.

If the challenge is denied, you will be notified via your InSite Portal email address and automatically dropped from the course.

To file a Prerequisite Challenge, you must submit a Prerequisite Verification Challenge to the Admissions & Records Office and complete “PART B”.  Attach proof that demonstrates you have completed the prerequisite.

Credit by Examination

Under certain circumstances, it is possible to get credit for a course by taking an exam. This is known as challenging a course by examination. You may obtain a list of challengeable courses from the Admissions & Records Office.

You can challenge a course by examination only if:

  1. You are a currently enrolled student;
  2. You have completed a minimum of 12 units at CCC;
  3. You have a grade point average of 2.00 or higher;
  4. You have not attempted the course ( enrolled in the class); and
  5. You have completed no more than 12 units via Credit by Exam.

It is important to be aware that if a course is challenged by examination and the result is a fail, the failing grade will be recorded on your transcript. Courses for which you have already received credit may not be challenged by examination.