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How to Register for a Class

CCC uses a priority registration system. This means that class registration dates vary for students based on factors including the completion of an orientation, assessment and educational plan, as well as units completed and other classifications. Do you know how to find your date?

If you have already applied and been accepted to the college or have taken classes recently, log in to the Insite Portal to add the classes you want to your schedule during your registration period.

If you haven’t applied yet, apply now! Applications are processed within 24 hours, so you should hear back from us soon.

Learn more about class registration policies.

Need help?

Read more about how to use the Insite Portal, call 510.215.4110 or visit the Welcome Center.

Fall 2017 Class Schedule

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Summer 2017 Class Schedule

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2017-18 Academic Catalog

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2016-17 Academic Catalog

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2016-17 Academic Catalog Addendum


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Spring 2017 Class Schedule

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