Mindfulness Community

The 4CD Mindfulness Community exists to enhance their quality of life as students pursue their educational objectives and enable non-students to “bring their best selves” forward through neuroscience-based techniques that have been shown to:

  • Strengthen 3 brain networks that lead to stress resilience and wise self-leadership
  • Lower stress and inflammation in the body leading to improved immunity
  • Enable behavior change by disrupting old habit loops in the brain and more readily adopting new healthy lifestyle habits.

Online 30-minute sessions provide insights into proven principles and practices that can help “train your brain” to:

  • better respond to adversity,
  • enhance creativity, and
  • apply critical thinking skills in your life as a student, professional, community member, and as an individual.
Join the Mindfulness Community

Over and above the online sessions, all 4CD students and non-students have on-demand access to learnings and practices through the Wise@Work app that supports independent study, learning, and practice. To get and use the Wise@Work simply:

  • Download the Wise@Work app from the Apple or Google Play app store
  • Create an account (if you not have one already) using (students) or (non-students) email address (other emails won’t be accepted)
  • Respond to the confirmation email from “Wise@Work” and clicking to activate their account. Once logged in, you can open the LEARN tab at the bottom of the welcome screen to access on-demand content from the live sessions.