‘Everything is an Opportunity for Growth’ Says Alfredo Angulo

Alfredo Angulo is an environmental justice organizer who was just awarded the Sierra Club’s Emerging Voices Award. They also just graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. But, Contra Costa College is where they got their start in community organizing and environmental activism.

Alfredo grew up in Richmond, as the child of two Mexican immigrants. They identify as queer/non-binary, and knew from an early age that change starts at a local level, particularly environmental change. They are currently working with the Richmond Shoreline Alliance and the Richmond Progressive Alliance, advocating for environmental change through local policies and laws. Their plans include writing new policies, expanding accessibility, and providing more equitable resources to the community.

During their time at CCC, Alfredo was involved in numerous clubs on campus, including La Raza, COPA, Rainbow Alliance, and the ASU. They credit their club participation for helping them get into UC Berkeley. Looking back, they say that learning how to run club meetings, build relationships with professors, and participate in community activism set them apart in the transfer application process.

“Look for things you’re passionate about–a cause,” they explain. “Have your skills be useful.”

They encourage all CCC students to make the most of their education by finding a mentor, volunteering, and participating in campus life.

“Everything is an opportunity for growth,” they shared. “Get out of your comfort zone and get used to being uncomfortable.”

Alfredo also credits CCC’s student services with part of their success. They say that, without resources like the library, free breakfast program, and support of the CCC community, their journey to UCB may have been very different. They urge all students to take advantage of those and other campus resources.

“Don’t let anyone tell you something is impossible!” they concluded.