Who We Are

Larry Womack
Marketing and Communications Director 

Tim Gleason
Graphic Design Specialist

What We Do

Contact marketing for help promoting your programs or events!


We discourage other departments and individuals from creating their own promotional materials without first consulting with marketing about all of the options available to them.If you plan to produce your own content, it is important that it follow CCC branding and quality guidelines. This shows students and community members that we are organized, working as a team and value them enough to care about quality and consistency when we interact with them. So, be sure to use:

  • CCC-approved logos, colors, logos, letterhead, and style guides here and
  • The content creation guidelines for specific channels and media here


The marketing department manages the design and print production of the Class Schedule and Catalog. Hard copies are located in the Welcome Center. Request additional copies using the Catalog Request Form.

Bios and Headshots

Full-time, permanent employees should definitely be featured on the college website! Fill out the Marketing Support and Website Update Request to make sure yours are present and up-to-date.


Help us highlight student, faculty, and academic success by keeping us in the know! When you submit your request, please include a few basic details, including:

  • Who was/is involved?
  • What happened/will happen?
  • When did it happen/will it happen?
  • Where did it happen/will it happen?
  • Why did it happen/will it happen?

We’ll respond and partner with you to promote that story on whatever platforms are most appropriate.


Marketing is in charge of creating and maintaining the content on the website. However, each department or program must ensure that the associated content on the website remains current and accurate. Department or program leaders should review web pages at least once a semester to determine if content changes are needed and share update requests with the marketing team via the Marketing Support and Website Update Request form.