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Guided Pathways Steering Workgroup

Leadership body for Guided Pathways at CCC.


First and Third Mondays, 1:00 p.m – 2:00 p.m. | Meeting Notes


  • Jason Berner, Co-Chair, Acting Senior Dean of Instruction
  • Kenyetta Tribble, Co-Chair, Acting Vice President of Student Services
  • Sarah Boland, Member, Counselor
  • Evan Decker, Member, WFD, Manager/Dean
  • Catherine Fonseca, Member, Student Services Support Coordinator
  • Tamara Green, Member, Transcript Audit Specialist
  • Nicole Kelly, Member, Academic/Student Services Manager
  • Marina Melara, Member, Senior Program Coordinator, Transfer Services
  • Carla Matute, Member, Senior Program Coordinator, Student Success & Retention Services
  • George Mills, Member, Dean of Student Services
  • Elvia Ornelas-Garcia, Member, Interim Dean, Liberal Arts Division
  • Ashley Phillips, Member, Dean of Athletics, Allied Health and Career Education (AACE)
  • Camille Santana, Member, Counseling
  • Rodolfo Santos, Member, Dean of Enrollment Services
  • Bianca Snowden, Resource, Senior Administrative Assistant
  • Rene Sporer, Member, Dean of NSAS
  • Erica Watson, Member, Librarian
  • Larry Womack, Member, Director of Marketing
  • Jose Zepada, Resource
  • Council of Chairs Faculty Members