Dr. J. Vern Cromartie
General Education Building, Room 309B

The Sociology Program is part of the Social Sciences Department and is committed to the highest possible standards in teaching and facilitating learning in a student-centered environment. Sociology is the scientific study of human societies and human behavior in the many groups that make up a society. As a social science, sociology has a body of theory which includes its three major perspectives, fountainheads, and peripheral fountainheads. Likewise, sociology has a body of methodology which includes research methods and research techniques. Sociology is concerned with the social lives of people, groups, and societies with special emphasis on social interaction, social relationships, and social structures. Sociology is also concerned with the study of social conditions with special emphasis on the three levels of analysis, namely the micro, middle, and macro.Specified areas of study in sociology include the sociology of race and ethnicity; sociology of sports; sociology of the life course; sociology of social movements; sociology of education; sociology of marriage and family; sociology of gender; etc.

Some possible careers:

Group home counselor, group home director, after school program leader, after school program director, juvenile hall counselor, probation officer, parole officer, eligibility worker, outreach worker, social worker, law enforcement officer, corrections officer, high school teacher, college professor, training specialist, employment counselor, general consultant, consumer affairs consultant, urban planner, reporter, freelance writer, editor, advertising assistant, advertising specialist, research assistant, research specialist, personnel manager, program analyst, government administrative officer, clergy member, demographer, pollster, marketing researcher.

Program Student Learning Outcome statement:

Students in the Sociology Program will demonstrate:

  • Knowledge of theory related to sociology.
  • Knowledge of methodology related to sociology.
  • Knowledge of basic concepts related to sociology.