Dr. Michael Kilivris
General Education Building, Room 208D

The department is committed to providing for as many students as possible at Contra Costa College exposure to the value reflections of both identity and meaning that have evolved historically and culturally in all aspects of human awakening.  Spiritual, ethical and social reflections define and record the growing answers to life’s defining questions.  Our department wants students to experience a connection to the flections and insights of human meaning that speak to the quality of the deepest parts of human experience.

Additionally our department wants to challenge each of our students to make a part of their own lives serious value reflections.  Whatever their life choices and paths, it is essential that they continue to evaluate, both critically and holistically, personal and social values that contribute to both perceived and real quality of life, to the species and to their persons.

Our mission is to encourage students to live not only for ends, but within a context of continual self reflection, examination, and concern for the quality of the total life experience.