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Associate in Arts Transfer Degree Music 22 Units

The Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer (AA-T) degree is designed to prepare a transfer pathway for students who plan to complete a bachelor’s degree in general music at a California State University (CSU). With the completion of the AA-T degree in music, students will possess foundational knowledge and skills that comprise the core content of the first two years of many bachelor’s programs in music. The AA-T degree is in alignment with the current mission of the college and the college’s strategic plan and initiatives.

The AA-T degree in music will provide students a bachelor’s in arts degree with the skeletal lower-division coursework required to transfer into the CSU system. Students awarded the AA-T degree in music are guaranteed admission with junior standing within the CSU system. This priority does not guarantee admission to specific majors or campuses. University music department acceptance and subsequent careers in the music field are performance skill auditioned and evaluated. The major also provides students with the educational background in music necessary to pursue a career in any number of music-related fields such as classical, jazz or commercial performer, composer, film scoring, song/jingle writer, private teacher, choral/band director, music therapist, diction coach, conductor, music historian, musical event producer, and accompanist.

Required courses:

4 units MUSIC-120 Music Theory and Musicianship I

4 units MUSIC-121 Music Theory and Musicianship II

4 units MUSIC-222 Music Theory and Musicianship III

4 units MUSIC-223 Music Theory and Musicianship IV

2 units MUSIC-109 Applied Music: Individual Instruction
(4 semesters at .5 units)

4 units MUSIC-167 Vocal Chamber Music: CC Singers
(4 semesters at 1 unit)

Associate in Arts Degree Music 47 Units

Successful completion of the Associate in Art in Music degree prepares students to audition for performance opportunities, write critiques of music, and produce musical events. An Associate in Arts Degree may be earned by completing a minimum of 60 units of degree credit coursework, including the major requirements and breadth requirements, with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Students must complete all courses for the major with a grade of C or better.

It is advised that students complete Contra Costa College Associate in Arts Degree general education breadth requirements before admittance to MUSIC-109, Applied Music: Individual Instruction. Music majors should complete MUSIC-108, History & Appreciation of Western Music, and MUSIC-114, Pop, Rock and Jazz: Their Cultural Origins, as part of their arts and humanities and social sciences coursework.

Required core courses (27 units):

4 units MUSIC-120 Music Theory and Musicianship I

4 units MUSIC-121 Music Theory and Musicianship II

4 units MUSIC-222 Music Theory and Musicianship III

4 units MUSIC-223 Music Theory and Musicianship IV

.5 unit MUSIC-190A Music Production: Fundamentals

.5 unit MUSIC-190B Music Production: Programming

.5 unit MUSIC-191A Performance Projects: Classical Repertoire

.5 unit MUSIC-191B Performance Projects: Jazz-Rock Repertoire

Major Instrument (4 semesters for a total of 2 units):

.5 unit MUSIC-109 Applied Music: Individual Instruction

Skill level entrance audition for music faculty required. Exit/transfer
proficiency exam administered during music department juries.

Ensemble (4 semesters for a total of 2 units):

.5 unit MUSIC-167 Vocal Chamber Music: CC Singers

Keyboard Proficiency (5 units):

2.5 units MUSIC-151AContinuing Piano: Sight Reading

2.5 units MUSIC-151BContinuing Piano: Technical Studies

Piano keyboard proficiency exit transfer exam administered by music faculty. Piano instrument majors should substitute MUSIC-171A & B.

Select from the following areas for a minimum of 20 units:


.5 unit MUSIC-176 Vocal Jazz Music: Jazz Singers/JazzNova

.5 unit MUSIC-177 Commercial Vocal Ensemble: Jazz-ology

1.5-2 units MUSIC-259 Advanced Guitar Ensemble

2.5 units MUSIC-251 Advanced Piano Ensemble

Music Instruments

2.5 units MUSIC-175A Jazz Voice: Interpretation

2.5 units MUSIC-175B Jazz Voice: Rhythm Concepts

2.5 units MUSIC-175C Jazz Voice: Tonal and Texture Concepts

2.5 units MUSIC-175D Jazz Voice: BeBop and Improvisation

2.5 units MUSIC-155A Jazz Piano: Basic Grooves

2.5 units MUSIC-155B Jazz Piano: Basic Harmony

2,5 units MUSIC-155C Jazz Piano: Beginning Improvisation

2.5 units MUSIC-155D Jazz Piano: Beginning Accompaniment

2.5 units MUSIC-250A Inter. Piano: Classical Repertoire

2.5 units MUSIC-250B Inter. Piano: Baroque Repertoire

1.5-2 units MUSIC-159 Intermediate Guitar

1.5-2 units MUSIC-258 Advanced Guitar

1-3 units MUSIC-171A Continuing Voice: Diction

1-3 units MUSIC-171B Continuing Voice: Phonation

1-3 units MUSIC-270A Inter. Voice: Italian Pronunciation

1-3 units MUSIC-270B Inter. Voice: Bel Canto Singing

Skill Development

.5-3 units MUSIC-195A Instrumental Skills Development

.5-3 units MUSIC-195B Musicianship Skills Development

.5-3 units MUSIC-195C Pedagogy Skills Development

.5-3 units MUSIC-195D Clinics, Seminars, and Workshop Skills

Music Technology

3 units MUSIC-130 Home Studio Recording

Students not possessing freshman level musical knowledge or skills should enroll in the following classes after an entrance placement audition:

2.5 units MUSIC-150A Beginning Piano: Keyboard Fundamentals

2.5 units MUSIC-150B Beginning Piano: Technique Fundamentals

1-3 units MUSIC-170 Beginning Voice

3 units MUSIC-119 Basic Music

1.5-2 units MUSIC-158 Beginning Guitar

.5-5 units MUSIC-163 Beginning Choir