Art Degree

Associate in Arts Degree Art, Studio Arts 33 Units

The Contra Costa College Studio Arts Program is designed to give students the theoretical and practical foundation necessary to pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in drawing, painting, design, ceramics, photography, or sculpture.

An Associate in Arts Degree may be earned by completing a minimum of 60 units of degree credit coursework, including the major requirements and breadth requirements, with a minimum grade point average of 2.0. Students must complete all courses required for the major with a grade of C or better.

Required core courses (15 units):

3 units ART 101 2-D Foundations in Art
3 units ART 102 3-D Foundations in Art
3 units ART-174 Drawing and Composition 1
3 units ART-190 History of Art-Prehistoric through 14th Century
3 units ART-191 History of Art-15th Century to the Present

At least 18 units from the following, including 9 units of a specific art media group to be taken in consecutive courses (or two art media groups of 6 units, where applicable):

Art History
3 units ART-118 Multi-Cultural Survey of American Art
3 units ART-194 Survey of Asian Arts

Art Media
Group A:
3 units ART-120 Figure Drawing 1
3 units ART-174 Drawing and Composition 1
3 units ART-184 Color Theory
3 units ART-222 Figure Drawing 2
3 units ART-274 Drawing and Composition 2
3 units ART-284 Color Theory 2
Group B:
3 units ART-140 Sculpture 1
3 units ART-240 Sculpture 2
Group C:
3 units ART-145 Ceramics 1
3 units ART-245 Ceramics 2
Group D:
3 units ART-124 Painting 1
3 units ART-224 Painting 2
Group E:
3 units ART-132 Photoshop 1
3 units ART-134 Digital Illustration
3 units ART-232 Photoshop 2
3 units MEDIA-101 Digital Media Basics
Group F:
3 units ART-158 Digital Photography 1
3 units ART-160 Studio Photography
3 units ART-161 Darkroom Photography 1
3 units ART-165 Portrait Photography
3 units ART-258 Digital Photography 2
3 units ART-261 Darkroom Photography 2