Anthony Gordon
Art, Room 3

The Fine & Media Arts Department seeks to educate and empower students in the creation and study of art and digital media. The department’s aim is to teach students who will go on to become successful in four-year colleges and universities, who will appreciate, support and participate in the arts, and who will become patrons of the arts. 
The Fine and Media Arts Department presents a broad range of classes in (1) art history, including the evaluation of contemporary thinking about art, (2) traditional fine arts media, such as drawing, painting, photography and sculpture, and (3) media arts, such as digital photography, motion graphics, animation and film production.  All courses are designed to meet transfer requirements to the CSU and UC systems.

Possible Careers in ART:

Painter, printmaker, sculptor, art director, cartoonist, fashion artist, police artist, advertising production manager, art conservation/restorer, designer (industrial, textile, video/film producer, video/film editor, multimedia artist, multimedia producer, jewelry, furniture, fashion, stage, sets), graphic artist, commercial artist illustrator, display worker, art museum curator/technician, art appraiser, antique dealer, architect, library assistant, art dealer/salesperson, set decorator and arts educator.

Student Learning Outcomes: 

Students who complete the fine arts major will demonstrate an understanding of the elements and principles used in the art form under study, and demonstrate sensitivity to and creativity with the medium chosen.