Receiving Your Financial Aid

So you’ve submitted your FAFSA or Dream Act Application online. Now what?

First, you will receive an email confirmation from the FAFSA or Dream Act processing system within 1-3 business days. Although this email may contain tentative award information, your award status is NOT finalized until you receive your Award Letter from Contra Costa College.

Next, you will receive an email notification to your InSite Portal school email account from our office. This will come within 2-3 weeks from the date you submitted your FAFSA or Dream Act Application. This email will acknowledge that we have received your application, and also provide you with instructions to check your Financial Aid Checklist on InSite Portal to make sure you don’t have any missing documents or forms to submit to our office.

Any documents or forms being requested should be submitted ASAP! It can take about 4-6 weeks processing time for your documents to be reviewed, so don’t delay! Once your documents are received and reviewed, your financial aid file will be complete and you will receive an Award Letter notification via email, if eligible.

2023-2024 Disbursement Calendar