Financial Aid Policies 

In order to comply with federal, state and institutional regulations and guidelines, the Contra Costa College Office of Student Financial Assistance has developed the following policies that apply to all students receiving financial assistance. It is important that each student receiving financial assistance has read and understood these policies.



Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy (SAP)

Return of Financial Aid Funds (Repayment)

Because Title IV financial aid funds are disbursed to a student under the assumption that the student will attend school for the entire period for which the assistance was awarded, any students who do not attend or satisfactorily complete courses for which they receive financial aid payments (or withdraw from courses for which they received financial aid payments) may be asked to return all or a portion of the financial aid funds disbursed to them. This is otherwise known as financial aid repayment.

Any student who completely withdraws from all classes prior to completing 60% of the semester will be subject to financial aid repayment. The amount of repayment is determined using a pro rata schedule based on the date of withdrawal. Any student who attends the semester passed the 60% point and then completely withdraws is considered to have earned 100% of the financial aid disbursed to them and no repayment occurs.

Any student who fails to earn passing credit in ALL of their classes during a term in which financial aid was disbursed is also subject to financial aid repayment. If the student cannot document their last date of attendance, our office will make the determination that the student unofficially withdrew at the 50% point of the semester. If the student is able to document that they attended class past the 60% point of the semester, then no repayment will occur.