Fall semester begins August 11. Are you registered?

Online Classes

Looking to save time and want to reduce your commute to campus? Have you ever considered taking online classes? We have a variety of fully and partially online classes for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions about Online Classes

Are online classes right for me?

The State of California’s Online Education Initiative has developed tutorials and tools to help increase your chances of success in any online course. The tutorials are interactive, helpful and easily accessible. Topics range from computer and internet requirements to time management.

Can online classes help me complete general education and degree requirements?

We offer 6o+ online and partially online courses. This table can help you identify which of these classes fit into your education plans.

What is a partially online class?

Classes are considered partially online when less than 51% of the course is online.

Where can I sign up for online classes?

Current students can check semester schedules, and register for online, hybrid and distance education courses via the Insite Portal. If you’re a new student, speak with a counselor about which of these courses might be right for you.