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Online Classes-Desire2Learn

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Online Classes (Desire2Learn)

Contra Costa College offers a variety of online courses delivered through the Desire2Learn platform.

You can login into Desire2Learn here:

Your Desire2Learn username and password are the same as the InSite Portal or Webadvisor.


Contra Costa College has many learning resources to help students succeed in their classes and attain their educational goals.

  • The College Library provides reference and research assistance, reserve textbooks for many courses, computers, study areas, and wifi access.
  • The College Skills Center  has faculty, tutors, and assisted learning computer software to provide students with the opportunity to practice and improve their ESL, English and math skills. The CSC can also connect students to tutoring in other subject areas and locations on campus. For more information, see Campus-wide tutoring.
  • Computer laboratories are available in several buildings across campus to assist students with their course projects. Some require enrollment in a course in order to use them. See the Computer Labs list for more information.

Our college also offers online access to instruction, registration, and other online services such as book purchasing online for classes and the college’s award-winning student newspaper, The Advocate.