University of California (UC) Schools

Nine of the ten UC schools offer undergraduate degree programs. (University of California, San Francisco, is a graduate medical school.) Their focus tends to be on research-driven programs. They cost more than CSU schools, and tend to have much larger class sizes, but are frequently rated among the best universities in the world.

Get a Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG)

If you want to transfer to a Davis, Irvine, Merced, Riverside, Santa Barbara, or Santa Cruz, you should consider participating in the UC Transfer Admissions Guarantee (TAG) program. When you do, you will get an early review of your academic records, early admission notification and specific guidance about major preparation, and general education coursework. You can only submit TAG to one UC campus.

To get a TAG, you’ll need to:

  • Complete 30 transferable units by summer of the year you are submitting the TAG application
  • Meet the GPA minimum for your chosen school. This will be at least 2.4, but some schools and programs require them to be much higher. Be sure to work with a counselor to make sure you’re on track.
  • Pass transfer-level math and English courses
  • Submit your application in September, for fall admission. Merced and Riverside also accept TAG admissions in the spring, which must be submitted in May.
  • Work with a CCC Counselor to make sure your TAG application will be accepted.

Use the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC)

If you decide not to participate in the TAG program, you might want to follow the IGETC path. IGETC is not an admissions requirement; it is just a very helpful guideline. Some programs (like many STEM majors and Berkeley’s HAAS School of Business,) do not follow that curriculum, and other exceptions can sometimes apply, so be sure to work with a CCC counselor to make sure you’re on the right path. can then help you find classes that will prepare you for your major.

Whether you go the TAG or IGETC route, you’re still going to have to apply to the UC school. Applications for fall must be submitted in November. Applications for spring must be submitted in July.