Succession of Responsibility


TO: CCC Campus Community
FROM: Dr. Kimberly R. Rogers, Acting President DATE: August 24, 2022
SUBJECT: Updated Succession of Responsibility

In the event of an emergency, it is important to know the line of authority and responsibility for the College. When I am away from campus or otherwise unavailable, the order of succession for Administrator-in-Charge is as follows:

1. Ms. Kenyetta Tribble, Acting Vice President of Student Services– ext. 43836
2. Ms. Arzu Smith, Acting Vice President, Business & Administrative Services– ext. 43847
3. Mr. Jason Berner, Acting Senior Dean of Instruction – ext. 44131
4. Dr. Mayra Padilla, Acting Senior, Dean of Strategic Planning & Special Programs –ext. 43880 5. Mr. Rod Santos, Dean of Enrollment Services – ext. 43921
6. Ms. René Sporer, Dean of Natural, Social, and Applied Sciences – ext. 44006
7. Mr. George Mills, Interim Dean of Students – ext. 43900
8. Ms. Elvia Ornelas-Garcia, Interim Dean of Liberal Arts – ext. 44128
9. Ms. Ashley Phillips, Dean of Allied Health, Athletics & Career Education– ext. 44908

10. Mr. Evan Decker, Dean, Workforce and Economic Development – ext. 4397 11. Mr. Bruce King, Manager, Building and Grounds – ext. 44853

At all times, stand-by and emergency responsibilities are handled by: • Lt. Charles Hankins, Police Services – ext. 44857

To contact Police Services, please dial: • Dispatch – ext. 44858

Emergency – Dial 911 or 9-911 from any campus phone

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