CARE Policies and Procedures

Part 1: Three (3) counselor appointments. With your EOPS counselor each semester (Fall/Spring).

1. Optimally, a counseling appointment ought to be one month apart. They must be at least 15 business days apart under extenuating circumstances.

2. A student who see a counselor 3 times per semester will be in good standing. If a student misses one of the three counseling appts. he/she will be placed on EOPS ALERT.

3. If a student misses all three counseling appts. he/she will be exited from the program.

4. Life happens! By policy, EOPS students are allowed to reschedule counseling appointments twice per semester. (Practically speaking, there is no guarantee of available appointments. EOPS appointments fill up fast)

5. 24 hour notice for appts. cancellations: Please give EOPS/CARE Office 24 hours notice. If not, the appointment will be marked as a “No Show” in the EOPS Office. Call 215-3949 to cancel or reschedule. Be patient. The front office is busy.

6. If you show up more 10 minutes late your EOPS counseling appts, your EOPS counselor many see a drop in student and you may have to reschedule, so please come to your appointment on time.

Part 2: Priority Registration

1. You must register for your classes on PR dates. To find your PR ; Check WebAdvisor, the EOPS page on the CCC website, or ask your counselor for priority registration dates.

2. Effective Fall 2014: new and continuing fully matriculated EOPS students in good academic standing will get priority registration.

3. Good academic standing means that:

-A. You are not on academic or progress probation for 2 consecutive terms.

-B. You have not completed 100 degree-applicable units.

Part 3: Units Per Semester

1. We want you to progress, to comply with EOPS regulations, you must complete a minimum of 12 units your first semester and a minimum of 9 per semester thereafter, unless you are DSPS.

Part 4: DSPS Waiver:

1. If you are a DSPS student, you may receive a unit waiver to take fewer than the 12 or 9 units per semester. It is your responsibility to get the unit waiver from the DSPS Office at the beginning of each semester.

2. There is a deadline each semester for approving unit waivers.

3. The EOPS Office has a deadline each semester for receiving unit waivers. See “important Dates” on the EOPS web page. It is usually about 6 weeks after instruction starts.

4. If the student does not follow the unit recommendation given by the DSPS Office, the student will be held responsible for the EOPS mandated unit requirement the same as a “non-DSPS student”. For example, if the unit recommendation for you that year is between 3-7 units, and you decided to take more than 7 units, the waiver is “VOID” and you will be held to the EOPS minimum of 9 or 12 units, depending on the term.

5. Students with a certified disability must show progress toward their educational goals.

6. DSPS students are required to enroll in at least 3 units in a given semester in order to receive EOPS services.

Part 5: 70 Degree-applicable units and or associate or a bachelor’s degree

1. Once a student has completed 70 degree-applicable units or associate degree, the student is not eligible for the EOPS/CARE program.

2. Remedial and non-degree units are not added toward your 70-degree applicable units.

Part 6: EOPS Student Alert (We know you are doing your best)

1. But if for some reason, you do not fulfill the EOPS requirements as outlined in the mutual responsibility contact, you will be placed on EOPS program alert status and will receive book grant support only after you comply with all requirements.

2. We are still here for all other services. If you follow through on everything, it is easy to get off EOPS program alert status. While you may not get book support while you are on alert status, you are eligible to receive all “other”

support services; Counseling, academic alert (progress report), priority registration, field trips, workshops, cap and gown, etc.

3. EOPS students who complete their EOPS Program requirements as stated on the MRC are in good standing and will receive book support. If not, then they will be placed on EOPS program alert and may not have book support the following semester.

4. If for some reason, a student from the EOPS program and can reapply to the EOPS program after a year has passed, We welcome you to apply again after a full academic year.

Part 7: EOPS/CARE Student Alert Status (which prevents you from receiving the book support or the CARE grant)

1. Please consult with the EOPS/CARE Case Coordinator for additional review. Your Case Coordinator’s information is on the EOPS page on the website. If, after meeting with the case coordinator, you are not satisfied with the decision, you may ask to speak with the EOPS/CARE Program Manager for additional review. S/he will review your case if the circumstance was beyond your control. (you are required to submit documentation)

Part 8: CARE Program (We know being a parent is demanding when you are student)

1. If you are a CARE student and you happen to be on EOPS probation services only, you will receive the CARE grant when you are back in good standing with the EOPS program and enrolled in required units.

Part 9: Double Dipping for the book grant (The state does not allow)

1. EOPS students who receive book grants from other state sources, such as the State Department of Rehabilitation or county social services department, unfortunately, are not eligible for the EOPS book grant.

2. A student who are not eligible for the book grant can receive EOPS book services such as eligibility for the EOPS scholarship, counseling, parking permit or bus pass (if available) priority registration, academic alert, field trip, workshops, etc.

Part 10: International Transcripts

1. International transcripts must be evaluated by an academic professional evaluation service before applying for the EOPS/CARE Program.

2. If you wish, you may use these services for international transcript evaluations. Academic and professional international evaluation (APIE) phone#: (562) 594-6498 or website:

Part 11: English as a Second Language (ESL)

1. Students who are eligible to enroll in Level II and above ESL courses are eligible for the EOPS programs.

Part 12: New EOPS/CARE Students

1. All students entering the EOPS/CARE Program who have post-secondary transcripts with grade point average below 2.0 GPA will be placed on “alert status” with services if accepted into the program.

Part 13: Check your “E-Mail” Daily

1. All communications from the EOPS program will be delivered via college InSite portal email.

2. The EOPS/CARE Program may send confidential information to you and will assume the contact information you provide is strictly for you only. EOPS/CARE is “not” liable for breach of confidentiality if you have given someone else access to your mailing or email address.

3. We respect you. For marketing purposes (photographs/ videotaped), we want to show who we are. The materials will be used for outreach purposes and promotion of the EOPS/CARE program only.

4. If you don’t want to be photographed or videotaped, you need to let us know at the time of this event. (Your request to not be photographed or videotaped will be honored)

EOPS/CARE Policies and Procedures are subject to change per the discretion of the EOPS/CARE Director, Title V guideline, EOPS Implementing Guidelines, or Budget Restraints.