Explore Careers + Get Guidance

If you’re not ready or able to swing by our office, there are a few ways you can get help online:

Career Coach was made especially for Contra Costa Community College District students.

You can start using it by taking a quick, six-question assessment that will help you discover careers that match your interests.

Or, if you already have a career in mind, it can tell you a lot about it, like what the local job market is like, how you might spend your days and what education and training you’ll need to be successful.

What Can I Do with This Major helps you explore careers related to a field you’re already interested in.

O*NET OnLine can help you find careers by field, outlook or interest. It can also give you important information about life in those careers, like what personal qualities are important for success and how happy other people in that field are.

Career Education programs at CCC can prepare you for careers in high-demand fields by combining technical, job-specific training with core academics. Some of them can have you ready for entry-level positions in just one or two semesters. And, if none of those fields interest you, we have plenty of other programs to choose from.

California CareerZone can help you discover careers tied to your interests, values and skills.

California Occupational Guides can give you detailed, statewide information about wages, outlook, education and licensing requirements for about 300 different careers.

And California’s Employment Development Department also offers job market information to help you make informed career choices.