Rising Scholars Clean Slate Kickoff Event

The Contra Costa College Rising Scholars program and other Rising Scholars programs around the state are teaming up with The Access Project, a non-profit legal services organization, to provide clean slate services to our student community. Expunging your record and reducing your felonies, wherever possible, can make a difference when you are applying for jobs, looking for housing, and working to put the justice system behind you.


Register here! Attendees must Register by March 21st.


Through this free program, you’ll be able to get a copy of your record from the Department of Justice (your “RAP sheet”). The Access Project will analyze your RAP to see if you have California convictions that can be expunged, reduced from felonies, or sealed. They will prepare all the necessary forms for you, help you write a personal statement to support your petitions, and even file the papers for you with the court. If applicable, they may also be able to help you find out whether any deportable offenses can be changed and see if you are eligible to terminate sex offender registration.

You do not need to be currently enrolled to join. If you are not sure whether this program can benefit you, there are many new laws that might be able to help you! Please go to, click the “Am I Eligible?” button, and take the survey with honest answers. If you are eligible, you will be directed on how to register for the program. You can also check out their FAQs for more information on what Clean Slate can do for you. Please note that they can only help with adult convictions from the State of California (this means no Federal convictions) and are unable to help if you are currently on supervision or dealing with current legal proceedings.


If you need any assistance, email or call 510.215.3894