Celebrating Constitution Day

Tuesday, September 17, 2024
Voter Education Week – Dates Coming Soon!

Dear Comets, 

In 2005, the federal government enacted a law requiring all schools receiving federal funds to hold an educational program on the United States Constitution each year on September 17th, Constitution Day. 

With our Fall Semester underway, I invite you to visit our newly launched Constitution Day website. As an institution serving a diverse population, it is critical that we broaden the knowledge and understanding of our campus community and cultivate an appreciation for the history and significance of this document. 

As campus community members, we have access to a range of perspectives on studying the Constitution that can be accessed at our library. I also encourage you to connect with our Community Organizing and Political Action Club (COPA). 

It is my hope that you enjoy learning more about the constitution and use that knowledge to be an engaged community member. 

George G. Mills, Jr. DPA 
Dean of Students (Interim)