Political Science Courses

POLSC-125 Government of the United States

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, SC, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: POLS 110)

This course examines U.S. Constitution and the U.S. system of government at the national and state levels; the course covers both U.S. and California political processes and institutions. The rights, obligations, and participation of citizens will be discussed. The course will also highlight contemporary relationships of state and local government, rights and liberties established by the U.S. Constitution, including key U.S. Supreme Court cases, the resolution of conflicts and the establishment of cooperative processes under the constitutions of both the state and the nation and the political processes involved. Significant events since the American Revolution and the contributions of women and ethnic groups will also be examined. The cultural diversity of the U.S. and California will be emphasized.

POLSC-130 Introduction to Comparative Government and Politics

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, LR, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: POLS 130)

This course provides an introduction to the comparative analysis of different kinds of political systems, including their history, political institutions, processes and policies, the environments in which they occur, and their consequences.

POLSC-140 Introduction to International Relations

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture per term, LR, DG, CSU, UC (C-ID: POLS 140)

This course provides an introduction to international relations theory with an examination of national, international, transnational, and sub-national actors and their institutions, interactions and processes as they relate to global issues.

POLSC-225 Dynamics of African American Politics in America

3 Units: 54 hours of lecture, per term, LR, SC, DG, CSU, UC

This course describes and analyzes political problems and trends affecting the African American in America by studying the Constitution of the United States and the rights, participation and obligations of African American citizens. Significant events in history will be examined and discussed.

POLSC-298 Independent Study

.2-4 Units: 3.6-72 hours of independent study, per term, SC, DG

Prerequisite: Educational contract of study signed by an instructor, department chair and vice president. Topics must extend beyond regular course offerings.

This course is designed for selected students to pursue independent study in political science under the direction of an instructor.

POLSC-300 Field Studies

.1-4 Units: 5.4-72 hours of lecture and/or 10.8-216 hours of laboratory, per term, SC, DG

This course provides the opportunity for students to participate in field experience in various disciplines. In all cases, field classes will be oriented toward direct involvement by the student in some outside activity which should supplement the classroom experience. Petition to repeat for maximum units.