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Nursing Student Survival Guide

Estimated RN Program Fees 

Basic Nursing Applicant Bulletin 2020

Application for Basic Nursing Applicant

Advanced Placement Transfer Bulletin 2019

Application for Transfer Applicant 

Transfer Admission Information

Advanced Placement LVN-LPN Bulletin 2019 – 2020

Application for LVN-LPN Applicant

Advanced Placement LPT Bulletin 2019

Application for LPT Applicant

Advanced Placement Foreign Trained Nurse Bulletin 2019

Application for Foreign Trained Nurse Applicant

30 Unit Option Bulletin 2019 – 2020

Application for 30 Unit Option Applicant

Please refer to the current nursing program bulletins for prerequisite requirements, deadline dates, GPA requirements, application process and selection process.

For Students Seeking to Challenge N210 and N211

N210 and N211 Challenge Exam Information

Skills Competency Information for Advanced Placement Students (Returning, LVN/LPT, Transfer, Foreign Trained, 30 Unit Option)

For Students Seeking to Challenge N205 and N212

N205 and N212 Challenge Exam information

No Material Will Be Accepted After the Deadlines

A grade of 75% or better is required in each courses of the nursing program to progress and graduate.

Credit can be awarded for previous health knowledge and/or experience. Applicants who qualify for admission and are Licensed Vocational/Practical Nurses or Licensed Psychiatric Technicians may apply for advanced placement. Advanced placement admission is based on space availability. For further information, call the Nursing Department office at 510.215.4103.