Mathematics Degree

Associate in Science for Transfer Degree Mathematics 21-22 Units

The Associate in Science in Mathematics for Transfer (AA-T) degree program is designed as a roadmap for course selection and as the primary pathway for transfer students intending to earn a California State University (CSU) bachelor’s degree in mathematics. Particularly, this degree is intended to assist students in seamlessly transferring to a CSU. Mathematicians work in a variety of fields including actuarial science, analytical research, computer programming and mathematical modeling, cryptography, and education. A strong mathematics background is also required for careers in engineering and the physical sciences, social science, and computer science.

Required core courses (14 units):

5 units MATH-190 Analytic Geometry with Calculus I

4 units MATH-191 Analytic Geometry with Calculus II

5 units MATH-290 Analytic Geometry with Calculus III

Plus a minimum of 7 units from Lists A & B with at least 4 units from List A:

List A:

4 units MATH-292 Introduction to Differential Equations

4 units MATH-200 Introduction to Linear Algebra

List B:

3 units MATH-185 Discrete Mathematics