English Degree

Associate in Arts Transfer Degree English 19 Units

The Associate in Arts in English for Transfer (AA-T) degree will help individuals achieve their academic and career goals through developing strong writing and revising skills, research skills, critical reading skills, discussion skills, and the overall ability to organize and present ideas. The AA-T degree in English will provide courses for students so that they may succeed at college level writing by composing effective paragraphs and essays, fulfill the writing requirements for a two-year degree program and prepare students for success into a baccalaureate degree in English with lower-division coursework required to transfer into the California State University (CSU) system.

Required core courses (4 units):

4 units ENGL-002B Critical Thinking through Literature

Plus 6 units from List A:

3 units ENGL-210B British Literature: Late 18th Century to Present

3 units ENGL-220B American Literature: 1850 to Present

3 units ENGL-230B World Literature: 1650 to Present

Plus 6 units from List B:

3 units ENGL-163 Film as Literature

3 units ENGL-250 Introduction to Shakespeare

3 units ENGL-274 Women in Literature

3 units ENGL-293 Creative Writing

or any course from List A not already used

Plus 3 units from List C:

3 units ENGL-200A Topics in Literature

3 units JRNAL-120 Newswriting and Reporting

3 units LARAZ-130 Contemporary Chicano/Latino Literature

3 units SPCH-142 Performance of Literature

3 units DRAMA-101 Introduction to Theatre

or any course from List A or List B not already used