Emergency Medical Sciences Certificate

Certificate of Achievement EMED: Emergency Medical Services 18-19 Units

This certificate provides a stackable certificate towards health occupations. Students who successfully complete this program will be eligible to take the California Emergency Medical Boards Exam for Emergency Medical Technicians. In addition, students will have completed courses that can lead to other health related occupations as well as firefighting. A certificate of achievement may be earned by completing all the courses required for this major with a grade of C or better.

Courses required for the certificate:

4 units EMED-107 Introduction to EMS and Health Occupations

8 units EMED-110 Emergency Medical Technician I

3 units SPCH-120 Public Speaking

Plus at least three units from the following:

4 units BIOSC-132 Human Anatomy

3 units EMED-135 BLS/ALS Interface