Bashir Shah
Computer Technology Center, Room 120

Economics is a social science that investigates how institutions and policies affect the production of goods and services and the distribution of wealth and income among social groups and individuals. An AA degree in economics will equip students with a solid understanding of key economic theories and the quantitative tools to assess and evaluate economic conditions and outcomes. An AA degree in economics will provide students with the lower-division coursework in economics and mathematics to successfully transfer to a four-year program.

Some possible careers:

To be hired as an economist a graduate degree (MA or probably a PhD) is required. However, the excellent quantitative and analytical skills economics majors acquire make them highly competitive in the banking, finance, insurance, data analysis, and marketing industries as well as in the public sector. Economics is a good major for students planning to enter a bachelors or graduate program in economics, management, law, finance, political science, international relations, planning or environmental studies and many others.

Program Student Learning Outcome statement:

On completion of the AA degree in economics, students will be able to:

  • Assess and evaluate macroeconomics conditions and microeconomic outcomes
  • Anticipate possible macro-level policy actions and potential micro-level government intervention strategies, and
  • Make sound personal, business and/or civic decisions based on their analysis.