This Season’s Play (2023)

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Cursed: The House of Atreus

Written and Directed by Carlos-Manuel

A new theatrical ensemble piece based on a variety  of Greek myths and The Oresteia by Aeschylus. Through humor, movement, and storytelling techniques, the ensemble presents different myth that tell the story of “The House of Atreus” and the curses that plagued their family for generations.

We recommend ages 14 and up due to some mature content and violence. It’s Greek Mythology, so some things are wild.

Performances: November 10th, 11th, 17th, and 18th at 7:30 pm

November 12th, 19th at 3:00 pm

Tickets: $10 ONLINE / $15 AT THE DOOR

Introducing Moderna Suspiros: A Fable Based on True Events… We Think

Written and Performed by Carlos-Manuel, Directed by Jimmy Noriega

An aging wannabe drag queen deals with the pandemic’s aftermath by telling stories, dancing, and lip-synching. A comedy in high heels, oversize dresses, and badly combed wigs.

Contains Mature Themes and Language.

Performances: December 8th, 9th at 7:30 pm

Tickets: $10 ONLINE / $15 AT THE DOOR

Winterland: A Holiday Adventure

Written by Carlos-Manuel, Directed by Amy Penney

The Bright Star, which powers Winterland, is stolen by Krampus and only one person can get it gack: a 16-year-old girl named Estrella. With the help of Santa and Winterlanders, Estrella must go on a quest to return The Bright Star before the holidays begin.

Fun for the whole family!

Performances: December 15th, 16th at 7:30 pm

Tickets: $10 ONLINE / $15 AT THE DOOR

God of Carnage

Written by Yasmina Reza, Directed by Richard Perez

Following a playground altercation between two young boys, their parents meet to discuss and resolve the issue. The night starts out in civility between the parents, but as the night wears on and the alcohol flows, the politeness of class and status breaks down and chaos ensues.  An entertaining and hysterical romp through parents behaving badly.

We recommend ages 12 and up. Strong Language

Performances: March 29th, 30th, April 5th, 6th at 7:30 pm

March 31st, April 7th at 3:00 pm

Tickets: $10 ONLINE / $15 AT THE DOOR

Poor Clare

Written by Chiara Atik, Directed by Marguerite French

Clare has everything a girl could want in Assisi, Italy in 1211. She is nobility, and has a rich suitor who showers her in gifts. And then she meets Francis, a man who gives up all his possessions because the poor are suffering, and she can’t go back to her old life. Poor Clare is a modern take on the real life St. Clare of Assisi that uses comedy expertly to investigate the haves and have-nots.

We recommend ages 12 and up.

Performances: April 26th, 27th, May 3rd, 4th at 7:30 pm

April 28th, May 5th at 3:00 pm

Tickets: $10 ONLINE / $15 AT THE DOOR

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